Our company, Jongia (UK) Ltd. supplies an enormously wide range of cheese vat models. The cheese vat range starts with a 50 litre model, while the largest cheese vat model is in excess of 10,000 litre capacity.

It is not only the range of sizes that is large, so are the cheese vat shapes. The shapes of vats depends on the cheese to be made, but also on the tradition in a particular region. In the Holland and western areas of Germany for instance, oval vats are popular. In Austria and Switzerland round bottoms are often used, also with copper when making raw milk cheeses. There is no right and no wrong way here. When local traditions come into play, we are glad to please. But sometimes it makes sense to think outside the box and be open to other designs. Here follows a list of the vats we can supply…

Suitable for a wide range of cheeses:

  1. Rectangular small cheese vats. Available in the following sizes: 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L. Optional extra’s are frame on wheels and agitator.
    2. Cylindrical vats. Vats start at 250L and the largest is 2,000L. Also here there are many options. Different agitators, different heating methods.Generally more used for semi hard cheese like Gouda, Mountain Cheese and the like:
  2. Large Rectangular vats 1,000L and larger.
  3. Oval vats, Starting at 1,000L and up to 6,000L
  4. Double O vats, Starting at 500L and up to 10,000L. Available in closed and open model.For soft cheese:
  5. 500L tipping vats.
  6. Half round vats from 500L up to 2,500L
  7. For quark/curd cheese
  8. Quark makers start from 1,000L and go up to 20,000L

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